Sometimes a Will isn’t enough when you are making final preparations, but it certainly cannot be forgotten. I ran across this wonderful article this weekend in the Wall Street Journal: When a Will Is Not Enough – In Estate Planning, Detailed Bequests Can Avert Lots of Grief.

There is great, practical information in this article with the biggest takeaway being that we all need to express our desires to our loved ones while we can. However, keep in mind as the author points out that a letter of instruction carries no weight with the courts.

Specifying in detail how you want your funeral arranged, friends notified, etc., is wonderful and relieves grieving family members of this burden. Nonetheless, making bequests and designating distribution of assets is a legal matter and should be recorded in your estate planning documents. The good news is that technology allows you to update these important decisions quickly and store your legal documents, along with a letter of instruction in the cloud so they can be readily accessed.

So, will you risk losing these letters?