I pulled the trigger and began writing my Masters in Law Thesis today.   Frankly, I’ve procrastinated. I finished my course work last December and have made excuses for not finishing my thesis since then. In fact I have dropped the class twice. Spring semester I started a new job. Summer semester, “Hey it’s summer, enough said.” Today… I’m procrastinating writing this blog.

I’ve never quit anything in my life and perhaps I’m suffering from overachiever burnout. Now with Turnitin.com, I struggle with whether an original thought exists anymore, or are we all just plagiarizers. Reality set in and I must admit, I’m afraid to commit.

Fear can lead to motivation or paralysis. I’ve decided, reluctantly, to get my thesis MOJO going. My professional, personal and academic passion is empowering communication between patients and their providers.

The relationship between Law and Health Care fascinates me. Patient Engagement is a new trend in health care. It seems obvious that engaging patients in their health and health care can positively impact health outcomes and perhaps reduce costs.

I believe patient engagement can lead to a good marriage: “In sickness and in health, till death do us part.” What’s the foundation of a good Marriage? Communication! So I say, ‘I DO’ today when it comes to the submission of my thesis topic:

Does Legislation Improve Communication? A Legal and Regulatory Analysis of Consent to Treatment-Facilitating Communication Across Care Continuum.

Does it have a good Ring to it? By the way I promised my husband this is my last Masters…