Leveraging Beyond Traditional Care

Empowering Patients - So They Decide

NetLaw’s innovative solution helps reduce barriers to implement advanced care decisions. NetLaw provides a complete package for total well-being. NetLaw provides healthcare and home care organizations with more than just a form. NetLaw is the solution for patients and healthcare employees to voice their preferences, connect with an attorney and share documents with family and healthcare providers ahead of time.


Collaborating to improve the quality and efficiency of our healthcare system.


Benefits to Healthcare Organizations
Nearly 70% of Americans have thought about end-of-life preferences, yet only one-third of Americans have completed an Advance Directive. NetLaw is transforming the delivery of legal services. NetLaw brings the Law and Healthcare together to ensure quality care  and financial assistance needs are met.
  • Reducing barriers to implement advanced care decisions
  • Delivery of state specific estate planning documents
  • Secure document sharing platform to ensure collaboration between family members and providers
  • Facilitation of patient financial obligations with estate planning documents and VA Aid & Assistance pre-qualification process
  • Provides patients and employees with opportunity to secure a planned gift in their Will
  • Creating a proactive culture by providing employees with enhanced voluntary benefit

NetLaw’s comprehensive package is the solution to ensure patient desires and quality care remains aligned. NetLaw’s Health Care offering can benefit the following channels of the healthcare industry:

NetLaw looks forward to partnering with you. Contact us to schedule a meeting or phone conversation to discuss a partnership with NetLaw.