Financial Services

Seamless, Turnkey Solution to Optimize Time and Maximize Results

NetLaw’s seamless solution helps uncover specific client needs to increase revenue-generating activities of the financial institution. NetLaw’s technology delivers strategic, wealth-based questions through a cross-sectional model to drive client performance back to the financial services professional. Through the delivery of an online estate planning system, NetLaw produces targeted, cross-sectional data to optimize time and maximize opportunities for the financial services professional.

Leveraging client’s current financial needs, uncovering advanced financial planning, and aligning client needs to various business units through the delivery of an online estate planning service.


Benefits to Financial Services 
Nearly 70% of Americans don’t have estate planning documents. Netlaw provides a sales and marketing platform to the financial services industry through the delivery of an online estate planning system. Maintain focus on safeguarding customer assets and data, improving value for stakeholders, mitigating risk and ensuring regulatory compliance by allowing NetLaw to uncover leads through the delivery of a turnkey estate planning service.
  • Reducing barriers to uncover and identify advanced financial planning opportunities
  • Delivery of state specific, state compliant estate planning documents
  • Secure document sharing platform to ensure collaboration between family members and financial planners
  • Facilitation of customized and targeted wealth management questions
  • Increased cross-platform productivity through financial analysis reporting
  • Enhanced client service with non-licensed product offering
NetLaw’s comprehensive package is the solution to ensure client needs and financial services remain aligned. NetLaw’s Financial Services offering can benefit the following channels of the financial industry:
  • Banks
  • Financial Advisors
  • Investment Firms
  • Insurance Companies

NetLaw looks forward to partnering with you. Contact us to schedule a meeting or phone conversation to discuss a partnership with NetLaw.

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