Several years ago, I had Thanksgiving dinner at a Dim sum restaurant in Hong Kong. Dim sum is a Cantonese tradition and style of cuisine in which, small individual portions are served in courses. I was told Dim sum translates to or means, “little dish”. Sitting at round banquet tables with a variety of dumplings and other delectable items seems to evoke memories and encourage conversation.  I was sitting with complete strangers, many of whom did not speak English, yet I was engaged and communicating with my new friends for hours.

The ritual of sitting together and sharing a meal is sometimes rare in this day and age. Thanksgiving, just like Dim sum is a ritual that brings us together and encourages conversation. It’s not so much about the food as it is the tradition. When you are fortunate enough to share a meal with family and those close to your heart, you press pause on the unpredictability and stresses of daily life. Cherish these moments and consider them opportunities to encourage and initiate conversation.